Farm History

The farm, now known as Chestermere Hereford Stock Farm, was originally purchased in 1903 by James Hughes, Sr. 

In 1917, Jim (J.A.) Hughes’ purchased a group of pedigreed Polled Hereford heifers from Sam Downie of Carstairs.  They were sired by Jamacion 23149 who was one of the first Polled Hereford bulls imported to Canada.  Polled Bruce 36746, purchased in 1919, was the first Polled bull used in the herd. 

For a time, Jim and his brother Wallace operated Hughes Brothers, then as J.A. Hughes and Son, then again as J.A. Hughes.  Over that time, Jim raised and sold both pedigreed Polled Herefords, and later Horned Herefords until his retirement in 1976. 

In 1960, a few cows were moved to Chestermere, Alberta to start the herd for Jim’s daughter Phyllis and Dave Bricker.  In 1976, the herd was relocated back to the original Didsbury farmsite where it continues today.

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Dad and Uncle Art a
Dad Uncle Art Grampa

Dad, Grampa Bricker, and Uncle Art 1960

Del Rancho Lighter 8V  - Dad’s first Polled Bull - 1960’s

BMO - Farm Family Award 2012

Del Rancho Lighter 8V
Farm Family Award 2012
Alexa 2012

Alexa with her 4-H steer 2012

Alexa and Kyle

Alexa and Kyle

Alexa res ch steer 2014

Alexa with her Reserve  Champion 4-H steer 2013


Alexa with CHSF 52U Lady Hope 6X - 2011

Dad and Uncle Art Bricker  1950’s


Hughes Family  1904


Grampa Jim Hughes


One of Grampa’s yearlings - 1962

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R R 1 Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0

Phone: 403.335.8571
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Chestermere Hereford Stock Farm  established 1961

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